Fuck It!

The other night the sky was dumping on Lil’ Sprinty and I threw a fit and told my boyfriend that my next blog post was going to be titled “Fuck It” and I was going to add a line though Lil’ Sprinty’s picture.  I’ve never seen him laugh so hard.

Seriously though!  I am ready to be done with it.  Grants Pass has received So.  Much.  Rain.  Lil’ Sprinty needs to find a snowbird girlfriend.  I resealed the entire cab over the summer and rain still found its way in.  *Whimper*  I should have resealed on my day off when it was dry, but I am an idiot and learned a massive lesson.  Three days passed before it was dry enough to apply caulking and even then it was damp and I did a bad job that will need to be redone next summer.

Aside from the leak, the water heater smells like rotten eggs, and I won’t have the money to have it repaired for another few weeks.  I am glad I can shower at my boyfriends place…

And…my front door is broken, so I must enter through the cab.  Hahahahahahahahahah.  Lmao.

I am done.

I think.

Well, maybe.  I am stubborn so we’ll see


Author: Action is Eloquence

I live in Grants Pass, Oregon with my wonderful husband and am in the process of re-imagining a new life for myself! I just moved from Portland where I spent the last 11 years on a metaphorical runway and now am ready to take off. College, a marriage, several customer service jobs, death, fear and shyness were all teachers, but it's time for me to take what I learned and use my talents to make a better life for myself and give back to the community. I have a passion for helping people remember their relationship with nature. I went to Portland State University where I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Sustainability Education. I enjoy blogging because it is a way for me to help others regain this relationship and learn how to care for the Earth by living more simply and mindfully. Traditional cooking, natural building, living simply, permaculture and ecopsychology are my favorite subjects and I have a new obsession with eating bugs as a way to help live a more sustainable life. I only appear quiet and reserved until someone gets me going any of these topics!

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