Labor of Love

All that I own fits into a 26 foot 1989 Mallard Sprinter.  That’s only 75 square feet, but 75 square feet means freedom to me!  I love that each time I make a payment, the money is going towards paying off my RV, not to a landlord.  I do pay a tiny amount of “rent” for a parking space with full hookups, but that is nothing compared to the $850 plus utilities I was paying with my ex husband for 350 square feet in Portland.  So…all in all, I pay $450 for water, sewer, garbage, electricity, insurance and my credit card payment!  I save $100 a month because I get a discount, but still!!!  I am free to decorate, I am free to renovate, I’m free to unplug and drive my home around, I am free from roommates, and I am free to save money!  My boyfriend Matt and I want to be able to have a patch of dirt to call our own someday and living in an RV is one choice I can make to achieve that goal.

Above all though, living in an RV means that my ecological footprint is lower.  I use less water and electricity, and I can’t buy stuff I don’t need because I simply don’t have room for it!

If my story inspires you, hold up for a second…You probably won’t listen to this advice (I didn’t), but here it is anyway:

Adjust your expectations.  Expect to pay three times as much and spend four times as long as you think it will take to make it livable.  You are going to think to yourself that your situation is different but it won’t be.  The reality is that an old RV is an old RV.  Water will find it’s way in.  RV’s decorated within 10 years of the 90’s are hideous and you will want to make updates and this will cost money.  Engines need constant maintenance and old things break.  Simply accept and expect that having an RV will be a labor of love and you’ll be so much happier:)


Author: Action is Eloquence

I live in Grants Pass, Oregon with my wonderful husband and am in the process of re-imagining a new life for myself! I just moved from Portland where I spent the last 11 years on a metaphorical runway and now am ready to take off. College, a marriage, several customer service jobs, death, fear and shyness were all teachers, but it's time for me to take what I learned and use my talents to make a better life for myself and give back to the community. I have a passion for helping people remember their relationship with nature. I went to Portland State University where I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Sustainability Education. I enjoy blogging because it is a way for me to help others regain this relationship and learn how to care for the Earth by living more simply and mindfully. Traditional cooking, natural building, living simply, permaculture and ecopsychology are my favorite subjects and I have a new obsession with eating bugs as a way to help live a more sustainable life. I only appear quiet and reserved until someone gets me going any of these topics!

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