Save Squash Seeds and Roast Them!

I was in the process of scraping the seeds out of my delicata squash to throw away when I paused and realized that if pumpkin seeds are good, other squash seeds are probably good too!  It amazes me how many ridiculous things I do simply out of habit.  I am learning how to be more mindful and every now and then I wake up to whatever task I am doing.  I try to be in that moment completely and ask all sorts of questions like, “Why am I doing this?”, “What part of my task could be unnecessary?”, “What if I tried something different?”, “How can I make this task easier?”.  I believe habits are a wonderful thing and often important to happiness, but every now and then, pause and wake up to what you are doing and ask questions….something like roasted squash seeds could happen:)

Remember to soak them in order to get all of the nutrition you can out of them before you roast them.  Soaking makes them easier to digest as well.  Check out this blog “The Radiant Life”  for more information and a guide for how to soak all kinds of nuts and seeds:That’s Nuts! A Complete Guide to Soaking Nuts and Seeds


Author: Action is Eloquence

I live in Grants Pass, Oregon with my wonderful husband and am in the process of re-imagining a new life for myself! I just moved from Portland where I spent the last 11 years on a metaphorical runway and now am ready to take off. College, a marriage, several customer service jobs, death, fear and shyness were all teachers, but it's time for me to take what I learned and use my talents to make a better life for myself and give back to the community. I have a passion for helping people remember their relationship with nature. I went to Portland State University where I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Sustainability Education. I enjoy blogging because it is a way for me to help others regain this relationship and learn how to care for the Earth by living more simply and mindfully. Traditional cooking, natural building, living simply, permaculture and ecopsychology are my favorite subjects and I have a new obsession with eating bugs as a way to help live a more sustainable life. I only appear quiet and reserved until someone gets me going any of these topics!

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