Mealworm Farm Update

I have been away from my blog for the last two months and have been writing a ton of posts in my head but I haven’t actually written any of them down.  I am sure you know how it goes:)  It is spring after all and I have been distracted!

I almost gave up hope on my tiny farm.  All the meal worms were originally in one big bin which was going great until the bin became too moist and mold started growing.  They also starting transforming into pupae and then beetles so I feared cannibalism.  In their world, eating your friend or your baby is probably fine, but it’s not good for business!  I looked to several videos on You-Tube for advice and many seasoned meal worm farmers have had success using a multiple bin system where you separate the meal worms, pupae, and beetles.  I chose the Sterilite drawer system and bought two, three drawer units and stacked them on top of each other.  Many farmers suggest cutting a 10 inch square in the beetle drawer and putting in a mesh screen so that their eggs could fall through into the next bin.  This is a wonderful idea, but I couldn’t make it work because the beetles always found a way to wedge themselves under the duct tape and got stuck.  I even used aquarium glue as a food-grade adhesive but it wasn’t strong enough to hold up the screen and the weight of the beetles and the oats they live in.  I am willing to try again if any one else has a better idea on how to make this screen idea work because it would make sorting them so much easier.

Here is a picture of what my set up looks like:


I also stole an idea one woman had and I now put the food for the bugs on pieces of paper so that if it gets moldy it won’t affect the oats.  Since I switched to this new system I do not have any problems with moisture or mold.

Even after converting to this new way of doing things, there were a few weeks where I almost threw in the towel.  It took a lot of time and effort to move all of the meal worms and then it took another eternity to separate the pupae and then to separate the beetles.  I worked so hard, but nothing was happening!  Where they mating?  Where they eating their babies?  Where they happy?  I couldn’t tell:(  I began searching for ways to turn their home into the ultimate love shack and I must have done a good job, because now I have hundreds of super tiny meal worms!!!!  They love darkness hence the duct tape and they love heat which we have been getting a lot of lately.

I ordered some more meal worms mostly so I could have something to eat until the babies grow up (oh my God I sound like a monster), but also so I could ensure that they all don’t metamorphose at the same time.  So far I have been able to harvest a few tablespoons of meal worms which I freeze and then I either fry them up and sprinkle them on food or put them in smoothies.  I am hoping that I can grow enough meal worms to provide myself with a large percentage of the daily protein, DHA/EPA, and B-12 that I need.  Here is a picture of a taco I made with meal worms fried in garlic and butter and another picture of me enjoying it!!!

In my previous post I talked about commitment.  All my fears are still with me but I am sticking with it and here I am eating meal worm tacos!  Right when I thought about giving up I met a friend of Matt’s who teaches survival skills and who surprisingly is trying to raise meal worms to eat too.  He is discovering many of the challenges that I am, and after talking with him I realized that it is people like us that must go through these challenges and learn from them so that we can inspire and educate others.  Eating bugs isn’t a new thing, but farming them for human consumption in the US is, especially in colder climates like the Pacific Northwest.  I want to show people that there is regenerative alternative we can turn to to provide us with the protein and nutrients that we need.  I know I am a weirdo, but hopefully I can help normalize the eating of bugs and bring the idea into mainstream consciousnesses.


Author: Action is Eloquence

I live in Grants Pass, Oregon with my wonderful husband and am in the process of re-imagining a new life for myself! I just moved from Portland where I spent the last 11 years on a metaphorical runway and now am ready to take off. College, a marriage, several customer service jobs, death, fear and shyness were all teachers, but it's time for me to take what I learned and use my talents to make a better life for myself and give back to the community. I have a passion for helping people remember their relationship with nature. I went to Portland State University where I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Sustainability Education. I enjoy blogging because it is a way for me to help others regain this relationship and learn how to care for the Earth by living more simply and mindfully. Traditional cooking, natural building, living simply, permaculture and ecopsychology are my favorite subjects and I have a new obsession with eating bugs as a way to help live a more sustainable life. I only appear quiet and reserved until someone gets me going any of these topics!

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