Keyhole Garden Update

I made a beautiful mistake and I am so glad that I did because I learned so much!  When I was adding materials to my garden bed I didn’t pay enough attention to the carbon/nitrogen ratio, so now I am struggling to bring my bush beans back to their beautiful green color.  Plants need nitrogen to grow and when they don’t get enough, their leaves can turn yellow.  Nitrogen can be added in the form of green stuff like grass clippings, or urine, manure, blood etc.  I am currently using an amendment derived from dead sea birds and I am slowly seeing my plants regain some color.  I have been spoiled in the past with really great soil to begin with, so I don’t have experience building soil from scratch.  I am fortunate to have this opportunity because it gives me an appreciation for the complexity of soil life.  I am noticing that without the right balance, my garden is void of the variety of bugs that I used to see in my old garden and I don’t have mushrooms!  My plants are also not as big as I think they should be at this time of year.  I’ll keep trying and learning and let you all know what happens!

Image 7-4-16 at 6.41 PM


Author: Action is Eloquence

I live in Grants Pass, Oregon with my wonderful husband and am in the process of re-imagining a new life for myself! I just moved from Portland where I spent the last 11 years on a metaphorical runway and now am ready to take off. College, a marriage, several customer service jobs, death, fear and shyness were all teachers, but it's time for me to take what I learned and use my talents to make a better life for myself and give back to the community. I have a passion for helping people remember their relationship with nature. I went to Portland State University where I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Sustainability Education. I enjoy blogging because it is a way for me to help others regain this relationship and learn how to care for the Earth by living more simply and mindfully. Traditional cooking, natural building, living simply, permaculture and ecopsychology are my favorite subjects and I have a new obsession with eating bugs as a way to help live a more sustainable life. I only appear quiet and reserved until someone gets me going any of these topics!

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