My name is Amanda McFadden and I recently relocated to Grants Pass, Oregon from Portland where I grew up.  I chose Shakespeare’s quote “Action is Eloquence” as the title of my blog because I believe in the inspirational power of one person doing what they can to make a difference.  The definition of eloquence is ” The quality of persuasive, moving, or graceful expression.”

This blog chronicles the actions I am taking to live more simply and mindfully and in a more reciprocal relationship with nature.  I want to invite you to learn with me.  I am not perfect.  Sometimes I throw away my peanut butter container without washing it and recycling it, sometimes I eat Fritos, and sometimes I take more than I give…but, I am not going to stress about it because I am not interested in being a perfect human.  Trying to be is paralyzing and unrealistic considering what our planet faces.  Larry Santoyo, a permaculturalist says “It is not about being right, it is about being effective”.  I honor those that have achieved a lifestyle that I would consider perfection, but the most effective changes will occur through the collective effort of the rest of us doing what we can, with what we have, where we are.


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