Crystal Pavement

I was a cranky mess the other morning.   It was 6:45, 20 degrees, and I had a soar throat.  My boyfriend called out to me as I rode away and asked me to think of what I am grateful for.  My mood is always transformed in such a beautiful way when I allow myself to feel gratitude.

When I got onto the road, the pavement under me glistened with ice crystals, Mt. Baldy was entranced by fog, and the sun was rising making the sky a faint color of orange.  I am grateful for my bike and that I get to ride to work so early in the morning and experience such beauty.  I get to experience nature in a way I didn’t get to when I commuted by car.  Getting to work now is a form of play, and it feels like an obstacle course full of crunchy ice to ride over, leaves to dodge, and pigeons to set into flight.