Tea Tree Oil Spray and Tinea Versicolor


Even though Tinea Versicolor (a fungal skin problem) is related to what is going on inside of your body, sometimes you just need a quick fix.  I have had Tinea my entire adult life and have tried everything.  The first doctor I went to told me that I should get a tan to reduce its appearance (I am not joking…she clearly doesn’t understand Tinea)  and then she laughed at me when I asked her if soap would make it worse which made me feel stupid, then she prescribed something for jock itch.  The next doctor prescribed Selson Blue which is a pain in the ass to keep up with.  Ughhh.

After trying these treatments I decided that I didn’t want to expose myself to all these chemicals, so while at New Seasons Market I asked a woman in the wellness department if she had any suggestions for my fungal skin problem and she showed me a tea tree oil spray made by Desert Essence.  It has a strong frangrance but it works so well!  In a week of using it once per day the Tinea disappears!  It comes back after I quit using it, but until I figure out how to balance out whatever forces are going on inside of me, it’s nice to have a quick solution, especially during bathing suit season.